Underground Service Alert of Southern California provides services to the public for information on underground facility location for all planned excavation.

About DigAlert®

California didn't always dig safely...

DigAlert® (Underground Service Alert of Southern California or USA/SC) was formed on September 13th, 1976 in response to a tragic and deadly accident that occurred in Culver City 3 months prior. Since then, DigAlert® has been serving nine Southern California counties  (Imperial, Inyo, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Riverside and Ventura) in efforts to ensure these preventable accidents stay prevented.

So, what now?

Since the accident in Culver City, and another accident 9 years later, it has become California Law, for excavators to contact DigAlert® prior to breaking ground. Both excavators and utility members have responsibilities as dictated by the law.

Excavators must:

  • Delineate or pre-mark their work area in white (paint, chalk, flour, flags, etc.)
  • Contact Us and give at least two (2) working days NOT including the date of notification (4216.2(b)) prior to excavating
  • Hand dig to expose utility lines to the point of no conflict within the tolerance zone

Utility members must:

  • Mark or locate their lines within two (2) working days NOT including the date of notification (4216.2(b)) prior to the start of excavation
  • Use the APWA Color codes to mark their facilities
  • Be accurate within 24 inches either side of the buried facility (tolerance zone)

Find out first, contact 811 before digging!℠

Do I really have to contact DigAlert® before I dig?

Yes. The law states that anyone doing any type of digging, with power driven equipment or when a permit is required MUST contact DigAlert prior to excavation. The consequences for not doing so are not only severe but could lead to injury or loss of life.

Is DigAlert® a free service?

Yes. DigAlert® is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation funded completely by the utility members.