Emergency Dig Process

What to do in case of an emergency dig.

Be sure it's an emergency. California Law defines an emergency as involving clear and imminent danger, demanding immediate action to prevent loss or damage to life, health, property or essential public services.

1. Emergency Location Request between 6AM and 7PM

If you are calling in an emergency location request you will need the following information:
  • If the location has been delineated in white as per California Law
  • Location of the emergency - including county and city and whether work enters the street or sidewalk
  • If there will be any boring (drilling or augering), explosives, or vacuum equipment will be used to expose the lines
  • The type of work taking place
  • For whom the work is being done for
  • Permit # - if applicable
  • When the work will begin, and if any work takes place during the weekend or at night (after 5PM)
  • The contact name and phone number of the person who can answer questions about the emergency

2. Emergency Location Request after 7PM, before 6AM and on weekends/holidays

  • Agree to the disclaimer for Emergency Contacts
  • On the Emergency Contact Information Page enter either the DigAlert® ticket number or the County and Thomas Brothers Map Page of where the emergency is located
  • After-hours numbers are displayed of the facility owners that have asked to be notified in that grid
  • Contact each member