WebTMS is going away...

Locator LOGiX is here!
Powered by Norfield

Will I lose any of the functionality WebTMS offers that Locator LOGiX does not?

No, our users will have access to the same trusted functionality with plenty of new and enhanced features!

What new features can I expect to see from Locator LOGiX?

New features have been designed based on feedback from our customers.

  • New modern and user-friendly interface
  • New navigation bar for improved organization
  • New SMS/TEXT ticket alert feature with options to escalate to another user after specified timeout
  • New integration with the entire LOGiX suite software
  • New response, mobile first design that works seamlessly on any device

What enhancements to the ticket management tool can I expect to see from Locator LOGiX?

  • Enhanced ticket dashboard for accessing assigned tickets, tickets type, and ticket classes
  • Enhanced automation for ticket assignment and response
  • Customizable ticket and ticket details view with bulk locator assignment and response
  • Easy to navigate ticket map view by county, state, and source
  • Enhanced offline mode - proactive in app notification when mobile data is lost
  • Improved Image Upload - Drag and drop files and access your native camera on your mobile device to upload images
  • Simplified user creation and management

I am a current WebTMS user. What does the change mean to me?

The company that owns the WebTMS program, Norfield, has announced they will “end of life” the product on October 1, 2023.

What does “end of life” mean?

It means the product will no longer be supported or maintained.

I’m not a current user of WebTMS. How does this impact me?

It doesn’t. However, if you are not using a ticket management system we want to make sure you are aware of the benefits they can provide.

What if I just want my tickets by email?

There is no cost for us to transmit your tickets via email beyond your normal ticket costs.

Is the Locator LOGiX pricing fixed for every user?

Pricing is based on each company’s volume and is highly competitive with other industry offerings. Contact Norfield for more additional information.

How does this software transition benefit me as a member?

DigAlert® is an owner/partner in Norfield. The core software used to run the center is built and maintained by them. A large amount of our annual budget is dedicated to the support of the Norfield operation. By increasing the income from outside the partnership, our expense is reduced and we also benefit from the company’s growth.

If I am adding this expense to my locate process I will need to compare other options. Who else offers ticket management software?

There are several companies offering a solution for ticket management. These include but are not limited to 4IQ, Korterra, Boss 811, and IRTH Solutions While we believe the Norfield product is superior and competitively priced we encourage our members to do the due diligence needed to see this for themselves.